Brain Connectivity & Machine Learning

New brain hierarchical atlas

How is brain function influenced and constrained by its underlying structural connectivity?
To reply to this question, we derive a new method that provides a new brain atlas that –emerging out of a careful hierarchical clustering analysis– combines both structural and functional data to discover network modules common to both data sets. A region within this atlas is functionally connected and structurally wired (with fibers).
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that a brain atlas brings to light the strong correspondence between brain structure and function.
The obtained atlas is robust across subjects and datasets. In particular, we want to emphasize that this new hierarchical atlas obtained from data recorded at the Cruces University Hospital (Bilbao, Spain) has been fully validated with the recently released (June 2014) data by The NIH-Human Connectome Project.
We expect this new brain atlas to have a strong impact to study brain disorders.
The atlas can be downloaded from NITRC at here.
To download the paper go here

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