Brain Connectivity & Machine Learning

3rd Stramaglia talk

Sebastiano Stramaglia.
Ikerbasque Visiting Professor. BioCruces. Bari University, Italy
Neuroimaging Methods for Systems Neuroscience and Disease: Insights from Information Theory and Causality
Jan 28, 2014. 8.30am
Contemporary neuroimaging methods can shed light on the basis of human neural and cognitive specializations, with important implications for neuroscience and medicine. Human brain shows properties of both segregation and integration; the first property accounts for its modularity and specialization, whilst the integration is due to the brain connectivity between distinct modules within of the nervous system. In particular, brain connectivity refers to a pattern of anatomical links (“anatomical connectivity”), of statistical dependencies (“functional connectivity”) or of causal interactions (“effective connectivity”). In this talk I will describe some approaches which have shown the usefulness of Information Theory for the estimation of brain connectivity from brain data, both for the processing of sensory stimuli and in resting conditions.

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